Prague is “CLOSED” – what to see?

For the very first time in my life, I can’t legally leave Prague. This Monday the government issued a new lockdown order, that forbids you from leaving the city of Prague or leave any district that you live in. So if you are stuck in Prague, just like I am, here are a few tips of what Prague as a district has to offer. This time I will leave out all the things that are indoors or in the city centre, where the density of people is higher and obviously, we want to avoid that in the current situation. 

The highest peak of Prague 

Not really a peak nor a hill, but it is the highest point in Prague. In the middle of a field lies a place called Teleček. With 399 meters (1309 feet) above sea level, it makes it the highest point of Prague. And now, let’s be honest, there is absolutely nothing to do or see there, but it is on my list of places I want to visit one day, and now may be the ideal time. 

Highest point of Prague – Teleček

Lookout tower Doubravka

I guess you all know the Prague famous Petřín lookout tower a younger sister of the Eiffel tower. But have you heard of Doubravka? This relatively new tower was built in 2018 entirely out of wood. It was designed by the architect Martin Rajniš, who is famous for his work with wood. His other project you may know is the Gulliver blimp, which is parked in Prague’s DOX gallery. The entrance to the tower is free and it is opened from March to November. It is located in the middle of nowhere, but you can still get there by metro and then a 20-minute walk.


Doubravka lookout tower

Prague poles

Since we marked the Prague poles, hundreds of people visited them, so we really did in a way created a new tourist attraction. Nowadays due to the restrictions, you can only visit the from the “inside” of the city borders. But if you do visit all the poles, we do have a gift for you. A badge of “Pražský polárník”, which would translate to “Prague polar explorer”. You just have to send us 4 selfies.

The original Charles Bridge

What? You’re telling us to go see the Charles bridge when you want us to avoid people? Well, yes. But I will tell you where the original one is stored, and it is nowhere near the city centre. See, most of the stones on the actual bridge are new pieces (that includes the statues), but if you want to see the older stones, you have to head out to a part of Prague called Šutka. There is a deposit of old stones and rocks from the Charles Bridge. When I found out about this I had to see it with my own eyes. When I got there the guard was kind enough to let me go inside and take some pictures. 

Look at my face… 🙂

You can find many more tips on places to go and visit in our book. You can order it here and yes, we do ship worldwide! Thank you for your support!

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    Thank you for all the wonderful info about Prague – I have been living here for many years and though I do know some of the things you post about, you also provide a lot of new info, which is great. I completed the 4 poles of Prague and have the selfies to prove it – I posted them on your FB site but wasn’t sure if that was the best way to get them to you for the badge. I also wanted to say thanks for creating the “I trdelnik Prague” tee shirt – I wear it a lot! 🙂

    Steve Trowbridge

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