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Every guide book there is about Prague will tell you to visit the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge. Not this one. This Honest Guide will actually tell you to avoid such things.


We (Honza & Janek) have been making online videos called Honest Guide for more than two years now. Guiding people around our lovely city of Prague. Showing our viewers the hidden gems, local pubs, crazy elevators and much more. Then our friend Eliška came and said “Guys. let’s do a book!”. And we said yes. She took care of the ilustrations, Honza took the pictures, and I wrote the text. All this combined together and you have an Honest Guide book.

Map of book shops in Prague with our book.

10 reviews for Honest Guide (English)

  1. Vitas

    One of the best guides ever!

  2. Ross

    Best guide I have read. Real advise for real travellers who want to see and respect the culture at a fair and reasonable price. So much better than the usual guides that regurgitate generic tourist trap stuff.

  3. Alex khan

    Great work. Appreciate what you did. especially you youtube videos about prague exchange scam is amazing.it really rocks. Btw i have found a really useful P2P mobile app for exchanging money with real people instead of cheater exchange offices. Winngie is the name of app that you can meet with other tourists or gift shops or even uber drivers to help you exchanging money. kind of useful. just wanted to share my experience too.

  4. Paolo (verified owner)

    I couldn’t wait, great book
    p.s. i ordered and paid only for 1 book but i received 2 of them, so i’ll contact you on operaceizreal@gmail.com too with my order info

  5. C D (verified owner)

    Even if you don’t use this guidebook as intended, I enjoyed reading it. It is clearly a labor of love created by people brimming with overwhelming excitement of their hometown. Well done!

  6. Pierre D. (Belgium)

    I saw some of your videos on YouTube and wanted to buy your guide in English while I was in Prague. After 5 bookshops that only sold the book in the Czech language, I finally found an English version in Knihkupectvi Karolinum, Celetna 18. The search was more than worthwhile. Top guide !!

  7. Marina

    Hi. when i can buy your book in centre of Prague today?

  8. Michael Becker

    Hi Janek and Honza, why not in German? A lot of Germns (include me) follow your Videos and visting Prag!

    Best wishes, you both are great!

    Na shledanou
    Michael Becker

  9. Massimiliano Guerrini

    Perche’ no, anche in Italiano, mi farebbe comodo visto che vengo a Praga in Ottobre.

  10. Wehrli

    Love your videos. Very helpful to prepare my trip with my son. Hope I will find your English book a when I will be in Prague next time as a present for my husband. Any library address where there is a good chance to get the English version ?

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