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Every guide book there is about Prague will tell you to visit the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge. Not this one. This Honest Guide will actually tell you to avoid such things.

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We (Honza & Janek) have been making online videos called Honest Guide for more than two years now. Guiding people around our lovely city of Prague. Showing our viewers the hidden gems, local pubs, crazy elevators and much more. Then our friend Eliška came and said “Guys. let’s do a book!”. And we said yes. She took care of the illustrations, Honza took the pictures, and I wrote the text. All this combined together and you have an Honest Guide book.

Map of book shops in Prague with our book. There is a lot of them so if your trip is about to start soon, consider picking the copy up in person just to avoid any troubles with the post service.

Otherwise, the books are being dispatched every Thursday.

Honestly? You have no idea how much we appreciate your support, truly. So thank you so much for that!

55 reviews for Honest Guide (English)

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