How and Why Scammers Use Charity as Their Shield

Today we’re gonna talk about the elephant in the room…

Okay, so being a scammer is one thing. But scamming people for your profit? Or offering them service that is only favourable one way (not for the customer) and on top of that claiming to be a charity? That is simply disgusting and reprehensible from our point of view.

Hold onto a bar for 2 minutes scam = “Charity to help Ukraine”

He tried, he failed…

You may have seen this trick in many places around the world. If you google it, you will find dozens of videos and articles – hold onto a bar for 2 minutes and win 100$. Let’s leave aside if it can be done or not (it can’t).

According to Prague city rules, you cannot run such a thing on the streets of Prague. Yes, maybe if there’s a fair somewhere, or you have the proper permit, then it might be possible. But you can’t just start running a business, that is a scam on the street.

Sorry, we live in the 21st century and certain rules apply. But! What you can do without any permit of operation or location wise – charity. As long as you are giving some portion of money you collect to charity, you can do pretty much whatever you want.

So the spinning handlebar challenge is a “European Institut of Eastern Partnership” charity initiative. I tried hard googling it but found absolutely nothing. So a scammer shielding himself with a charity.

Hop On – Hop Off tours = “Charity project Car for Viky

I wonder if Viky ever got her car…

First of all, it’s fair to remind you that Hop On – Hop Off tours in Prague suck. Don’t take my word for it, and read some of their reviews:

“Wish there was a zero star rating”
“Total rip over & an expensive one at that!”
“Too expensive for service provided but perhaps no good alternatives.”

Whaaat? No alternatives?! This guy probably never saw this Honest guide episode about the best Hop on – Hop off in Europe… So we agree it’s a shitty service but not really a scam. But where’s the charity in this? Well, according to the Prague city ordinance, you are not allowed to offer services on the street of Prague or sell any goods of any kind… unless… yup, you guessed it – you’re a charity.

I did a little bit of research (usually can be found on the 2nd page of Google results) and the guy who runs one of the Prague bus tours just recently started his own charity called “Help Mi”, thanks to which, he can now sell services on the streets to people…

If any or how much of that goes to charity? Only he knows. Maybe he can write it into comments. 

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2 thoughts on “How and Why Scammers Use Charity as Their Shield

  1. I like to see if you can find someone that can beat scammers like hanging from the pole. There are several youtubes on how to beat that scam.

  2. The people with the red umbrellas in the old town selling hop on hop off (Help my charity – Car for Viki) is not the offical bus. (Make sure you buy the Official City Sightseeing Prague ticket) The charity hop on hop off was the worst trip we have ever done. They don’t tell you when you buy the ticket that you have to down load an app to be able to hear the commentary. Once you have down loaded it you then have to listen to everyone else languages giving the commentary on the bus. No headphones. My phone ran hot and it was draining my battery very fast. No battery left to take photo’s. Then the blue line you have to book for and you cannot get off. It is also not a bus but a minivan so you can’t see the sights anyway. We were in the town square and a manager of this company was verbally abusing this lady because she was telling others about the blue line. So with that he told her that he is not letting her onto the bus and her ticket is not valid. Her response was then I want my money back. This manager then said you go get police they wont worry me they will arrest you for being bad person. Really!!!! I had to step in and call him a bullie and that she has a right to have an opinion and she has the right to talk to others. The staff tried to placate people around but the thing is everyone agreed he was disrespectful to his clients. US the tourists. He was sooooooo rude and the tour was not worth it. Make sure you use the official hop on hop off City Sightseeing Company. This scam needs to be shut down bt the people are evrywhere selling the tickets. I don’t now how to let everyone know not to use this company.

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