Prague Bridges – We Ran Them All!

This may sound crazy, like some young YouTubers challenge, but that’s exactly what we did! Adidas reached out to us and said if we want to make a video together, and we said yes. When we presented them with the idea of running all the bridges, they gave us their cool new shoes and just said good luck boys! Honza reviews the shoes later in the article so make sure to read it. So how did we do it? And is it doable? And what are the bridges like?

There are more than 700 bridges in Prague, so it is impossible to run all of them, we have to set some rules. We decided to only run bridges that cross the Vltava river, which narrows it to only 18… but… two of them can’t be crossed on foot, as they are only for the railroad, so we got down to 16 bridges. That sounds doable. The distance from the first to the last bridge is 18 km, but we have to cross ale the 14 bridges in between, so it was a hike… But it was absolutely amazing.

Did we make the #MostChallengeRun ? You can watch the video to find out (but the title of this blog post kinda gave you a hint, didn’t it?)… Also, most in Czech means a bridge, so it’s a little play on words. Here are some stats just for you.

18 bridges cross the Vltava river in Prague
cars cross the busiest bridge every day
is the year the oldest bridge was built
out of the 18 bridges have trams running on them
bridges are for trains only
only 1! bridge is pedestrian-only
metres is the shortest bridge
2045 metres is the longest bridge

Okay, the fun part is behind you, now let’s get a bit technical!

For the purpose of this video we actually teamed up with adidas and tested their new Ultraboost 21 running shoe. First of all – their advertising claim is that „they give you more ENERGY“. Well, I believe we can confirm this as this was Janek’s longest run ever (by far – his previous PB was 21 km. Quite a difference if you ask me and trust me – he didn’t train for this 😃).

The reason for that is they have 6 % more foam making it extremely comfortable. Like really – these are definitely the most comfortable running shoes I’ve ever had – and I was already pretty happy with the previous version. You can see what I mean in the picture below.

don’t mind the dirt

If you’re on a hunt for a new pair of running shoes and you mean it, definitely consider these as one of your options. These are not the cheapest pair of shoes you can get but they will withstand a lot thanks to the special Continental outsole. I was really surprised how comfortable they were even when I sped up – not all running shoes can handle that.

I have to say that my overall satisfaction with these Ultraboost 21 is off the roof. I believe I would have been a terrible product-focused writer so I’ll just wrap this up by saying – enjoy the video we made. We put a lot of effort into it and I’m really proud of us for filming this and for Janek making it to the finish line. Thank you for sticking with us and thank you adidas for inviting us to join this campaign – feels great to be part of something David Beckam is 😃.

looking good, David!
enjoy the video!

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