Prague is hideous! / Prague is beautiful!

So what is it? Well, it’s up to us, or whoever is showing you Prague, what angle we decide to show you. Since we call our show “Honest” we did put ourselves in a difficult situation. That’s why in the most recent video, we showed you both angles the good one and the bad one. Let me give you some examples… 

Charles bridge is totally overcrowded and overrated / Charles bridge is beautiful and only for you to enjoy

9am vs 4pm (taken in 2019)

Two different angles, but the same camera angle. The only difference is the time. The empty bridge can be seen every day in the morning. It’s crowded the rest of the day. 

TrdelnĂ­k is the best thing you will ever eat / Nobody likes trdelnĂ­k, even tourists throw it away

Let’s not argue if trdelnĂ­k is good or bad, or traditional Czech or not. What it isn’t is a “holder” for your icecream. What it is is food, and that shouldn’t be used just for an Instagram picture and then thrown away. 

John Lennon Wall your picture opportunity / John Lennon Wall your big dissapointment

The first angle will lure you in. The second one will leave a bitter taste on your camera. Either way, both statements can easily be true… 

My point is, that it is always possible to show something or someone in a good or bad light, and it only up to the person, who is pointing the headlight – blogger, YouTuber, writer…

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And if you haven’t seen the latest video where we show both angles at the same time, you can watch it here. It’s super boring! It’s super exciting! People hate in the comments! People love it in the comments! You get my point…

6 thoughts on “Prague is hideous! / Prague is beautiful!

  1. Sometimes you just have to put up with the bad things when traveling. We love Prague, had the best time and can’t wait to get back! You’ve given us lots more inspiration! 🇦🇺

  2. Nowhere is perfect. Nowhere is there a place that does not have issues. The important thing is making an informed decision about hot you do and where you go. I have voided many European cities and Prague is the only one I keep returning to.

  3. I followed your videos before travelling to Prague and was not disappointed at all. I fact we spent one whole day in the Old Town square. As you mentioned it’s depends on what perspective the video or blog is made. I loved Prague and the memories are still fresh. Waiting to visit again.

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