Art Stunts in Prague

Prague is full of beautiful art galleries and museums, and we did show you many art pieces already in our videos. Actually one of our least viewed videos… But we do love art in general and in the case of Prague, it can not only be found in galleries and museums. So we picked some “Art stunts” performed on the streets of Prague to show you this week.

50 square meters – taking over the public space

By far my favorite stunt was performed by my friend Epos 257. Some don’t consider his stunt to be art, but I believe it was a masterpiece. What he did, is that he took up 50 square meters of a square in Prague and built a fence around it. What did he put inside? Absolutely nothing. His goal was to find out if anyone will notice, or for that matter – care. And nobody cared. He himself had to start calling different city authorities to “tell on him”. You can watch the entire process in this video. Not only he did it in Prague (public space test) but in Berlin as well. How long was the fence around? Well, you will find the answer in our video…

Stolen presidents heart

Our first president Václav Havel always attached a red heart to his signature. When he was finishing in his office an artist put up a red neon heart above the castle as a tribute to his days in the president’s office. But a group of artists climbed up to the rooftop of the castle and covered up half of the heart turning it into a question mark. Sort of questioning Václav Havel’s presidency. The act was witnessed by then the minister of culture, and he and the president too said that the artists who covered up the heart should not be punished. And they were not… but little did they know, it was not their last trip to the roof of the castle.

Heart turned into a question mark by Ztohoven

Stolen presidents flag

The same group, that covered up the president’s heart and was pardoned by him decided to go for it again. This time their plan was to steal the president’s flag. And they managed to do it. They dressed up as chimney sweeps got up to the roof and not only they stole the flag, but they replaced it with giant red underwear. The red underwear immediately became a symbol for all the people who disagree with the president and was proudly worn as pins or placed as stickers wherever possible. And guess what, you can even find it in our book (that you can ORDER HERE). What happened to the red underwear after the president got his hands on it? Watch our video to find out.. Since this blog post is read by very few people, I can tell you that one of the guys (artists) is my brother-in-law, so if you ever meet me in a pub I can tell you a more detailed story of what really happened. 

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