Do you want to enjoy Prague by yourself? Running is a great option as you can see great spots (and many others you wouldn’t find otherwise). Here are some of the best places where to go running in Prague.

Náplavka, run along the river

If you want to see some of the greatest sights of the city and to admire architecture along the way, head out to a place called Náplavka. You can actually continue out of the city along the way, great location for biking as well.

PRO TIP #42: Wake up early in the morning and enjoy Prague without people. Tourists usually sleep long and stay for a breakfast at hotel so the city centre is empty. This is a-must! The city gets crowded around 9-ish AM.

Old Town Square without tourists

Perfect place for a long run, quite hilly but absolutely worth it! Great views of the whole city as a perfect bonus.

Viewpoint Ctirad

Sunset lover? Head out to this spot where you can also enjoy some „Rocky“ moment as there’s a lot of stairs.

feelin‘ good, I’m feelin‘ good!

Get ready for some jaw-dropping park as that’s exactly what Obora Hvězda is. Very close to the Prague Castle, hidden enough that tourists usually never end up there. But you can and should.

say whaaaat

There are some other great places to run but those are our personal favourite. Easiest thing to do – just open map of Prague and wherever you see green space, that’s probably a running-friendly park. You can check out our map to find these places ⇩⇩⇩

Check out our video to find out more about these places: how to get there or why we filmed this video…

Oh, and yes – we’re running the Volkswagen Prague Marathon 2019, you can joins us for the run or come next year or just come on the 5th of May and cheer for us! Hopefully, we’ll see you in the finish 🙂


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