This blog post is all about live music in Prague! From various venues: jazz clubs, underground rock clubs to pub with live music, those are our favourite venues.

pa da pa pa pam!
  • Jazzdock
cool jazz venue on a river!

Situated on the river, this venue is simply cool! Concerts every night (sometimes more than just 1), large bar but also a restaurant where you can get a burger during the day and watch ships going by. To get tickets in advance, check out their programme.

  • Czech Museum of Music
super cool building!

Not only a museum, this place also has concerts and very often they’re for free! You simply cannot miss this place, it’s amazing. There’s also a coffee place where you can grab a drink before the concert. Check out their programme here.

  • U Malého Glenna
favourite venue

Okay, we actually love this place for their beer and food but they’re hiding beautiful tiny concert venue in the basement. The entrance is usually 200 CZK (8 EUR) and the atmosphere is super lovely. It’s better to book your tickets in advance or call for a reservation.

  • Vagon
prepare for something different

REM, KISS, Metallica… revival. Legendary music club hidden in the underground where you can experience some of the coolest local artists and… see some really weird people. It’s all part of the experience, which we actually love. If you see „Znouzectnost“ in the programme, definitely go! Oh, and the beer is 33 CZK (1.3 EUR). Okay!

  • Sad Man’s Tongue
oh, you’ll not be sad after this

Great burgers, friendly staff and free live music every day from 8PM to 10PM. Close to the city centre, this is definitely a place you shouldn’t miss. Have fun!

In our video we actually showed 2 more places. If you want to know about them or learn more about these mentioned here, definitely check out our video:

click to watch… and listen, okay, that too

Map with all the places:

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