Today we’re gonna explore the district of Anděl, awesome part of Prague where there are basically no tourists but only locals. As we work in this part of Prague, we want to share with you some of our favourite places where to have a great lunch!

looks great, huh?
  • U Kristiána
oh, you’ll love this place, trust me

Hidden by the river and in the basement, U Kristiána is a great pub with tons of meals to choose from. They are famous for their super large portions so come hungry. It gets crowded around 11:30 so come before or later around 12:30ish. They do take cards but bring your dictionary 🤗

  • Jídelna Marjánka
when was the last time you were eating under the sky

This place is really something special. Not only they have all the best Czech dishes on the menu, but they are open 24/7. So if you party in the area and feel like having “svíčková” at 3am, it’s not a problem!

Rock approves and you’re welcome
  • Pastva

Looking for vegetarian or vegan food? There are plenty of options on Anděl and Pasta is just one of them but is great! We have a separate episode about vegetarian places in Prague, which you can watch right here if you click on the highlighted text, yes, this one.

Can I tell you a vegan joke? I promise it won’t be cheesy.
  • Pho Champion
wish the winter would end and we wouldn’t have to wear gloves anymore

Tired of Czech food and want to enjoy some noodles? Head out to Pho Champion, great little bistro with excellent food.

  • Taro
feeling fancy?

If you’re looking for great food and romantic atmosphere and have some money to spend, you can try Taro. Their tasting menu is super delicious.

How to get there, what to order and much more in the video we made about these mentioned places, check it out:

Which place did you like the most? Do you have some pictures you want to share with us? Please head out to our Facebook page and post them on the wall, thanks!


  1. At last you have a blog, hell yeah 😀 I lost hope that you will still use such an archaic form 😛 I do not play all these social things, I can even comment here 😀

    I like the restaurant U Krystiana, I am always looking for pubs like that and I have not been to the Staropramen pub.
    I will be in Prague in less than two weeks, can I catch you there? If you feel like it have a little time, I invite you, it’s on me 🙂

  2. Thumbs up for Jídelna Marjánka!
    We have also enjoyed their delicious svíčková 😛

    And big thanks for all the cool content you guys create.
    It has been helpful for new expats like us 🙂

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