There are many misconceptions when it comes to weed, drugs and Prague. First things first: no, weed is not legal in the Czech Republic. But how are there so many marihuana-looking props around the city? Let’s take a closer look at it.

one of many hideous signs around the city

You may notice many shops in the city centre of Prague sort of advertising products with marihuana. It’s nothing but a show for stupid tourists who don’t realize that drugs are not legal in our country. What these shops are selling are mostly weed-looking “souvenirs”. Don’t laugh, but if you get their product to your hands, just turn it around and see for yourself.

weed as collector’s item, souvenir, for 15 EUR

Of course, those selling those are not 100 % honest and if you ask them if it’s OK to smoke it and if it’s real marihuana, they will nod and encourage you to buy it.

So instead of spending your 15 EUR on a collector’s item weed looking souvenir, you can try Czech traditional spirit called “zelená” (= green). It’s a peppermint liqueur, quite popular amongst all generations and not really strong or expensive (one shot is usually 1.5 EUR).

Please bear in mind that offering or buying weed is not legal in Prague, it’s a crime for which you might end up in jail. Even when offered drugs in Prague (it happens at night in various locations around the city), never ever do that, you would buy a bag of green tea etc.

To find out more about this problem, please watch our video:

4 thoughts on “IS WEED LEGAL IN PRAGUE?

  1. in Russia… just share this page to friends, or if have a socks with cannabis print.
    2-5-10 years in jail.

    i’m not a drug tourist, i buyed this stuff only once, but it was surely not teabag for 300 CZK =^_^=
    beer and food is better, anyway.

    your channel is bestest about Prague

    sorry for bad english.

    1. Don’t be sorry for speaking “ bad English “. It’s the most spoken language on this wide world. Even more than mandarin. Bad English is freedom of speak!

  2. I feel this post is a bit misleading as well. I agree in the fact that it tricks tourists in buying weed and it might make them believe all weed is legal.

    That said, there is no false advertising going on here. It’s a valid product. It’s still weed and but with high CBD and low THC values. It’s as safe to smoke as the weed you find in The Netherlands. It doesn’t get you high but it has other uses and affects on your body and mind.

    Just research the differences between CBD and THC and figure out for yourself if it’s something you want to smoke. I assume the “souvenir” indication on the back is just a formality for stores to be able to sell it. We have them in Belgium as well. They’re regular stores definitely not catered to tourists but the weed is packaged with a label “not for smoking”.

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