Prague Castle is one of the most visited sites in Europe, which also means that it gets really, really crowded and touristy. But we have an ultimate tip for you how to enjoy Prague Castle without tourists.

The tip is actually really simple – come in the evening. Believe it or not, but after 6PM the whole castle complex gets empty BUT is actually open till 10PM, which gives you enough time to explore it.

the later you come, the emptier it gets

The later you come, the emptier it gets. Just notice that you cannot enter the cathedral because it closes at 4:40PM. Almost everything is closed from that time, just the toilets are opened till 7PM. Because that’s why you visit the Prague Castle of course, not the cathedral…. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

yeah, tell me about it

You may have heard of the Golden Lane, a special street in the Castle complex. During the day, you have to pay an entrance fee. Well, guess what? After 5PM it’s free so you can go and enjoy the place.

Golden Lane: free after 5PM

After you’re done discovering the place, if you feel hungry or thirsty you can go to have a beer to a restaurant called Kuchyň (Kitchen) that is up on the castle. For food, we recommend having a reservation, for drinks you’ll be fine.

great view

We made a video about this tip and what else you can see on your way there. Check it out for more tips and enjoy!

Prague Castle for Dummies (Honest Guide)


  1. Thank you! Really enjoyed your blog and your videos! Will be heading to Prague in October. So much to look forward to!

    1. I haven’t been in Prague since 1999, but I lived there for 4 years before that. I really liked beautiful early autumn in Prague. The month September is “Září” in Czech which means something like “Shining”.

      I really liked Prague in the springtime, too. Honest Guide has a youtube video about Petrin Hill and the custom of smooching under flowering trees on May 1st.

      Summer was OK, but ruined by throngs of tourists where I had to work in the center of the city and where I had to change trams.

      Winter weather was not fun. In Minnesota, USA, at least there is a minty-fresh tang to the cold air of 10 degrees Fahrenheit. For Prague, I felt like the river valley trapped all these nasty polluted fogs in winter, and the temperature would never get to a decent, crisp cold, but would be foggy, slushy, hovering around freezing temperature. I went home to Minneapolis once for Christmas, and as soon as they rolled the stairs up to my plane when I returned to Prague (they had those rolling stairs in those days), I was hit with a polluted chilling wet fog. I thought: “I’m going to get a sinus infection!” and I did.
      An American friend visited me in February, (Czech: “Únor”- “Hibernation Month” according to some people) and got super depressed.

      So, watch Janek and Honza’s Youtube videos about Christmas markets and whatnot and make your own decision, but I thought winter in Prague was the lame opposite to Prague spring, fall, and summer.

  2. Enjoying your videos. I plan to watch all of them before visiting Prague in late March. Since I live in a tourist area (Waikiki/Honolulu, Hawaii), it will be interesting to visit another tourist city.

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