Get lost! Don’t stay in the city centre! Explore! Discover! Yeah… that’s what we’re trying to say – you get to see the real life, the real city and much more. Let us show you this cool district of Prague called Nusle.

it’s right over there! Eeeem…

We started our walk in the park called Ztracenka. Absolutely incredible and epic views. Beautiful garden and yeah, you’ll be there probably by yourself, just like us. You’ll also get a pretty sweet view of Vyšehrad castle.

park Ztracenka

If there’s something significant in this area, then it’s definitely the Nusle bridge. 485 meters long and 42,5 meters tall, this bridge also hides a metro inside!

On our way down to Nusle we had to do one stop – to meet our favourite robot from Star Wars – R2D2. This little guy hides in the park called Folimanka and it’s actually a vent of a nuclear shelter. Super cool!

did you know the word robot is of a Czech origin? Cool fun fact, huh?!

Another piece of art you shouldn’t miss is a lamp. Yes, a lamp. Of course it’s not just a regular lamp, but it’s actually a memorial to the people who took their own life and jumped the mentioned Nusle bridge. The lamp was created by Krištof Kintera and it doesn’t shine up like a normal lamp, but it’s actually shining up. The idea behind it is really powerful…

the lamp that shines up is a bit of a suicidal too

You know what’s the benefit of exploring Nusle? You’re literally 8 minutes tram ride from the city centre and the streets are tourist-free. You get to meet locals and their life and no masses of tourists. If you didn’t realize that by know, let me tell you one thing – hop on a tram and start exploring other parts of Prague than just city centre. You’ll love it, trust us.

the streets are tourists-free
and the places are truly authentic

Hungry? Don’t worry, we’ve got a great tip for you! It’s called Retro Jídelna u Věrušky and it is a canteen. It’s great – affordable prices, retro-vibes interior and charming ladies serving the food. They will most likely not speak English, but if you come with a smile on your face, they will reward you with a tasty meal.

don’t miss this place, really

Our friend Zdeněk has a shop in the same street. It’s called Opraveno and if you break your beloved iDevice, he’ll fix it for you. And not only that: he also has our book in his shop so you can check that out or of course you can get it here on our website.

you can’t touch a YouTube channel, so we made a book 😃

So this is just the beginning of our trip to Nusle – there’s so much more to discover – great pubs, coffee places, cheese stores and so on and on. We’ll keep covering not only Nusle but also some other parts of Prague so you can see some of the real life in Prague. For the whole video tour, check out our latest video:

And here’s a map with all the places:


  1. First of all, your Facebook link at the top of your blog it’s not linked 🙂

    Thank you for such awesome videos to help promote real tourism to such a beautiful country. We’ll be going there July 12th and can’t wait to explore.

    Best from Miami

    – Pedro

  2. Jsem bydlel 1994 do 1999 v Praze, a 1997-1999 na hranici Nusle a Vrschovicich (doufam ze, nemyslis nemam Recht o hranici cvrtu!) – Kloboucknicka Ulice, na nabrezy Boticu. Moj potraviny byl <<Vilky, Vilky" na maleho namesti nebliz. Nedaleko byl "Schtejpajzl" jidelna. Muj tramvaj byl Jedenacko. Dekuju, Janku, pro vynikaci spoustu vzpominky! A dekuju dat "Spotlight" na Nuslich!
    -American z Minnesoty.

  3. I eat at the bistro retro Jidelna! The best (and cheapest) place i eat since i’m in Prague! Thanks Honest Guide 🙂

  4. Honza recommended this area to me on my insta, I came to the blog to learn more. Thank you so much. Looking forward to exploring with my wife in June 🙂 I have the book and I’m making a map with lots of places we want to visit :):):)

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