Do you want to support small local businesses? Well, we do! Here are 4 great local places we like and which we think you’ll LOVE.


Do you want to get a nice haircut? Let me introduce you to Marek, the best barber in Prague (and also my brother). He’s a super cool guy, he speaks English and he’ll give you an amazing cut. You can visit him at Žitná 3 but it’s best to book him in advance on this link -> https://tino-s.reservio.com/

pretty cool transformation, huh

It would translate to “string garden”, this phenomenal Czech florist shop run by our friend Lenka is definitely a place you cannot miss. What she can do with flowers is basically art. She’ll be happy to explain everything to you and she can wrap anything in a way so you can take it on an aeroplane with you. Visit her here.

super Instagram-friendly as well

This toy store sells unique Czech made toys that we remember from our childhood. Awesome products, your kids can play with almost anything, a very lovely place. And you can find some toys for adults as well, wink wink.

hoooooooow does he do that?

Right next to the Charles bridge in the city centre, it’s quite hard to find a good place to sit down. But this place is an exception – and they do serve exceptionally good beer & cake. They also do lunches and dinners but we usually hop in for a beer. And cake. They’re both delicious.

There’s a beautiful story about how this place was established. To hear the full story, check out the video (and you’ll also find directions to all the places).

6 thoughts on “HONEST PLACES YOU’LL LOVE 💛

  1. Roesel is a really cool place, with great beer. I like how it’s so hidden… right on the busiest tourist paths! Another cool beer cafe is Lya (newly opened on Krymska 39), a tiny family run operation with fabulous beer. http://lyabeercafe.cz

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  4. Great idea to include a toy shop! It would be great if you go further and make a video about discovering Prague with children (different age). Prague is a children-friendly city, you have lovely children playgrounds all around in different districts. Even there is a playground map. The parents can enjoy walking around and make some stops for children to enjoy. I pretty certain there are many other places that would be interesting to visit with kids.

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