My top 5 favorite places around the world

To keep our Honest Vlog channel alive, I have recently posted a video of my favorite trips around the world. I usually do road trips and those let you discover a lot. Either with friends, girlfriends, or by myself. You can watch the video here, but for the blog, I have decided to make this “My top 5 favorite places around the world”, just to make it more “clickbaitish”. The selection is absolutely random and in no specific order. Also, it is VERY personal.  So here we go. 

Jiggs, USA, New Jersey

For any American, this would be your usual bar, that you are used to, but for me as a European… I just love this place. The fact, that a bar/pub has a parking lot is one of the things that always shocks me. Great beers, and amazing wings, that I love to enjoy on the bar. So if you are ever in New Jersey, you’ll find me there.

Enjoying the beers with Honza and my friend Bob

Kastrup Søbad, Dennmark

In a way, this is just a regular place by the sea. Some beaches and bars around, but this place is unique thanks to a touch of amazing architects. It was obviously shown to me by my friend Adam – The Architect. 

Pensacola Beach, USA, Florida

As I mentioned in the video, I did many road trips from New Jersey to Florida, and Pensacola, more specifically, Pensacola Beach is the place to go to. Beautiful white sand, warm sea and great beachfront bars. 

Rovensko, Romania

This hidden village in the Romanian hills somehow attracts me the most. Peaceful quiet village with a church, store, pub and just nature surrounding it. It is far from anything, but if you ever have a chance to visit this area and walk around, please do so.

Skye, Scotland

I have been to UK a dozen times, but I discovered its true beauty after going up to Scotland, especially Skye. When you see this place it will leave you speechless. Once again as mentioned many times, take a car, road trips are fun…

That’s it. Let me know in the comments if you have been to any of these and loved them as much as I did… thank you!


PS – Here’s a full 20-minute video on my favourite roadtrips. Hope you enjoy it!

9 thoughts on “My top 5 favorite places around the world

  1. I travel between my family’s home at the Jersey Shore in the US, ancestral home in Scotland, and work in New York and Prague. I agree wholeheartedly with your choices! And, yes, the bars are everywhere in NJ and most of America.
    Stay safe and healthy. Travel safely.

  2. I just love place that quiet & relaxing..thx for sharing so i can put it in my bucket list..i think i’ll love Rovensko & Skye best 🙂

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