How Apple shot their commercials in Prague

Many filmmakers and musicians picked Prague, the Czech Republic as their filming location. Kanye West, Jay-Z, LEGO, INXS, and many many others. You can watch our latest episode on this topic, where we mention a few. 

Most of these brands and musicians pick obvious Prague famous locations like the Charles Bridge or the Prague Castle, but Apple does it differently (I will try not to sound like a fanboy here, so give me a chance).

Thanks to the publishing of our video, many people actually commented with interesting facts, regarding the shoot, as they were part of the crew while filming. 

Many people in this shot are extras and none of them knew, what and who they filmed for. As they had to sign a form of secrecy, as one person mentioned under our video. He also mentioned, that on the location, there were more than 2000 people.

Vltavská metro station

This ad also featured the surroundings of the National theater, where a man is seen jumping into the crowd down in the street. And of course, a small title of “do not attempt” has to be mentioned in the ad. 

Václav Havel square

The following location is well known to our viewers as we mentioned it on one of our episodes, but it is also mentioned in our book – that you can order here, full of great tips. It is a beautiful inner block on Dlouhá street that has one of the best Wine places called Bokovka. 

Dlouhá street (Bokovka wine bar)

The last location I’d like to mention that Apple showed is a rollercoaster on the Prague Výstaviště (exhibition grounds). I absolutely loved this place as it was by far the scariest rollercoaster I’ve ever ridden – falling apart, no safety what so ever just pure adrenalin. 

One of the ads we didn’t mention in our video is for Apple Watch 5 series shot partially in the Prague metro. A couple of things worth mentioning here. The filmmakers installed turnstiles inside the metro, to be able to show the functionality of the watch, but in reality, there are no turnstiles in Prague. 

There are no turnstiles at Náměstí Míru station

People in the ad can be seen talking to Siri (Apple’s voice assistant) but that would require a cell phone reception which during the making of this ad was not available in the station of Náměstí Míru, where this was shot. 

Siri wouldn’t work on the Prague metro

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