Want to get some cool Czech souvenirs? Well, here are 4 places we like where you can grab some really unique gifts! Map of all the places is at the end of the article.


Cosy, sort of hipster-ish shop, where you can grab some great books about Prague, T-shirts and bags with amazing designs!

pragtique2pretty lovely shop for sure!pragtiqueget a little something for your kid!pragtique3

Our personal favourite! We’re huge fans of Prague’s public transport and we absolutely love this design showing tram number 22. They only have it at kids size at the moment but fingers crossed – the adult version should come soon!

  • SMALTUM dílna

Okay, get ready for something really, really cool! SMALTUM dílna is a shop/workshop place where…

smalsmaltum5You can paint YOUR OWN MUG! I know!!! It costs about 12 EUR (290 CZK, the price of the mug is included) and you can go crazy! They will explain to you everything about painting it right so don’t worry. And the best part – it actually takes only 3 minutes to fire it so you can take your mug home with you straight away!smaltum3smaltum4

Okay, we’re not really good at it 😃 Go give it a try and send us pictures of your creation to our Facebook page, thanks! (And don’t embarrass us too much please!)


About 100 metres from the Prague Castle, this is a place where you can get some nice original souvenirs as well as Czech cookbook in English (so if you want to try svíčková, the typical Czech dish, at home this can be something for you).

withlovecool shop, huh?

Not only that, you can get rybička! What is a swiss knife in Switzerland, that’s rybička in Czech. Well, sort of. It only has one function. But it’s an all-time classic look.



Okay, this is rather unusual but as we mentioned already – we’re huge fans of the Prague’s public transport. And, well, they have a shop in the city centre where you can get transport-related souvenirs.


And as a bonus – there’s a poster of Janek. They worked together on a charity project for an organization called Klokánek. And yes, it is quite strange to stand next to it😬.

So where to find all these places? Here’s a map for you:

Check out our video on Prague souvenirs here:

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