3 Best New Places in Prague

New places are opening in Prague every day. We’re gonna introduce you 3 new places that we really, really love!

  • SWIM

Great place where to have some coffee but also breakfast, lunch or dinner. Oh, and it’s also a great party place! There’s a huge place downstairs that looks like swimming pool – hence the name.

  • Starbucks! Wait… what?

Don’t worry, it has its reasons. This Starbucks we’re talking about is located on the Old Town Square (the main square in Prague) and offers a great view of the square from the 3rd floor. The main reason we’re mentioning this is also that it’s the place where the worst tourist trap in Prague used to be. An exchange office that would rip absolutely every tourist off. So we’re really happy they’re gone!

this is the view from the 3rd floor, pretty cool, huh?

This pub/brewery has became our favourite. Great local beer (that they actually make right in the same room as you drink it) and amazing atmosphere are making this place a-must-try.

The beer makes our friend Adam Matuška, who is the master of Matuška beer (one of the microbreweries you need to try before you head back home). And if you like the beer and want to take it with you, it’s actually possible, they can give it to you in 1 litre can. Don’t ask, we don’t know how they do it, but it tastes great, too.

How to find these places and what are some of their other benefits? Check out the full video to find out:

One thought on “3 Best New Places in Prague

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