As you may already know, we have published a guide book, called Honest Guide. It will help you find the best spots in the city! 50 tips, postcards, hidden video, amazing illustrations and much more! You can order the book here or you can visit many places in the city, that we suggested, and buy the book there. We really didn’t think of the book just as a “guide book” but more of a souvenir from Prague.

Here’s a map of places where you will be able to buy our book in English.

Honza took all the pictures in the book, I (Janek) wrote the text, and the amazing illustrations were made by Eliška Podzimková. We really hope you will enjoy it, and let us know what you think about it! Thank you!

28 thoughts on “HONEST GUIDE BOOK

  1. Love the book. Had been watching your vlogs before we went to Prague in February and have decided we’ve got to go back

  2. We will be in Prague at the end of June for the darts. It will be our 6th visit but I still watch all the Sunday videos and hope to buy the book. How long before a visit should we purchase for delivery to our hotel.

  3. Looks like a block bluster. Three talents getting together. Please make this book available in cities in US, Canada, UK. Also please consider making an online pdf version and uploading it to maybe iBooks or Kindle. All the best.

  4. Will be buying a copy when I visit in October. You guys deserve a lot of credit for what you do for your home city. Well done all

  5. Got the book today. It’s fun to read! Use it in combination with your phone to look up places and store those in Google maps.
    Can’t wait to get there!

  6. Going to buy it in this weekend. 10 days in in Prague with my wife and Janek. This gonna be awesome! any chance to get autograph? ;D

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  8. Can i order the book (and ship to US)? Didn’t find it while tooling around the city (and enjoying it very much, thank you), but would still like to read/own a copy!!

  9. hi guys! Where can i get your guide in Prague? would be great to go get it the minute i land at the airport. thanx!

  10. I see you posted this on my birthday 😉

    After many years, we were back in Praha and your YT channel was really helpful. Keep up the good work!
    Of course we’ve bought your book to support you guys and it’s also a great souvenir.

  11. ordered the book this week cant wait to get it.
    we are planning to visit again with friends on September 2020 .
    im a huge fan of the guide
    thanks the best guide

  12. Heading to Prague Nov 30 to Dec 6. Will be picking up a copy of the book when I’m there.

    Thanks to your YT channel, I was able to find this.

  13. I will be in Prague with a few buddies Jan 6-8/20 for a short visit. Be good to tag along one of your filming days. Not sure if that’s possible.
    Cheers. Denis

  14. I really Liked your blog

    Youtube channel – Samrats tape
    I have made a video in Prague

  15. I have ordered the book an payed in Euros gut the Bill came in Checkz crowns. Since then If send multiple Messages nur did Not get any answer…

    1. Florin, we are just about to ship your book now (as declared in the email). Since it’s going to Prague, I hope it will make it to you by the end of the week. 🙂 THANK YOU!

  16. I fell in love with Prague late February 2020, then a global pandemic scrubbed my plan to return there. I’ve been getting my “fix” by watching Honest Guide videos and now perusing the pages of my newly arrived Honest Guide book! The creativity and care that went into the book makes it a quality souvenir that will get plenty of use and will hold pride of place on my bookshelf.

  17. Do you know that almost all QR Codes in the book are not working anymore since you’ve removed your videos from your YouTube channel? 🙁

  18. We just arrived in Prague, after delaying our trip over 18 months due to Covid. We have our copy of the Honest Guide and all of the lessons learned from watching the video’s. We are ready to see this great city.

  19. You should be called Rip-Off Guide. Ordered merchandise nothing has come. Emailed address on website, get told to have patience, as all orders sent with 2-3 weeks of 5th September, but 3 weeks has passed and nothing. No further information when i said 3weeks have passed and items received. Seems like the biggest scam is you guys

    1. Dear Andrew, I replied to you and you never got back to me. Please reply to my e-mail, or I believe that by now, you have recieved what you ordered. Thank you. Janek

  20. Bought the book. Now for some merch… I like your t-shirts, but am looking for some more cool/hip czech t-shirts to wear. All I have left is one very old FactoryPro shirt that says “so mate chut” on the back. Any recommendations for cool t-shirts that will ship internationally?

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