Where to change money in Prague – Czech republic

Map of Honest Exchange places

There are many places where you can change money, euros, dollars, pounds or anything in Prague, but some of them will SCAM you! So you have to be careful. That’s why we made this map, that we will try to keep up to date. The rates may differ, but never more the +- 1 CZK off the official rate.

Even if a place says “0% COMMISSION” It does NOT mean they will have fair rates! Be extremely careful about this. Best tip to be Honest, is just to use your card where ever you go.

If you want to share this Honest Exchange places map via email, or with your friends, here is a link – http://bit.ly/ChangePrague

For more tips, head out to our channel on YouTube, called The Honest Guide.


35 thoughts on “Where to change money in Prague – Czech republic

  1. Poctivá je také směnárna v ulici Politických vězňů 21, která se jmenuje myslím Sumar Exchange.

    1. Hey it’s grt information and following your guide every where in Prague….have a quick question should i use any specific atm you recommend if run out of euro to exchange? If possible please help with quick reply

  2. Thank you! My friends and I will be traveling to Prague the first week of May. This is extremely helpful. I am going to work my way through your entire YouTube channel!

  3. You are doing a fantastic job by making tourist aware of the exchange scams in Prague, I am visiting Prague next month and will definitely make use of this information.
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Thanks. This is a really useful map. Too bad I’ve only seen this now and I’m leaving Prague tomorrow!
    But I will definitely be back, thanks to you and your team!

  5. Your YouTube channel and this blog are extremely helpful. We will be there in July. I can’t wait to see your beautiful city.

  6. In my opinion Warsaw, not Prague is the one which standing out in the region ! It just seems more lively and authentic to me. I loved the nightlife there, especially New Orleans Club.They have great music and fantastic pole dance shows.

  7. Few years ago I wash shocked to see exchange rate at the Bus Station at Florenc, but I’ve just arrived to Prague and had to change 10€ there so I could buy subway tickets. After that, I changed all the rest at Kaprová street, they were great, specially with those vouchers they have on their site. Thanks Janek for this map.

  8. Thanks for providing us such useful information! We went to two of these exchange places. Hope you can continue this good work! Thumbs up!

  9. Hi there, can one even use your card at Christmas markets, i.e. do the vendors have point of sale machines or does one have to have local currency for the markets? Thank you.

  10. Hey, what about at the airport? That’s usually the first thing we need to do when arriving!

  11. We ordered your book (27 October) and are waiting for delivery. We will be there at the end of March. We are looking foreword to visiting and maybe we will see you there…🤔😎

  12. When my partner and I were in Prague in September 2019 we found that the best way to get Czech currency was to use our debit cards (from a US bank) and ONLY use an ATM machine from a reputable Czech bank.
    The receptionist at our hotel gave us this list of bank ATMs to trust.
    Reiffeisen Bank
    CESKA Sporitezna
    KB Bank
    FIO Bank

    It worked great and the fees were minimal.
    So don’t carry wads of cash that you have to exchange, use your debit card!

    1. In an older video you mentioned the exchange desk at the CD office in Prague Main train station was a good place to exchange in the train station. But I don’t see this on the map, is this no longer the case?

  13. I went to one of the places you recommended
    ” EXCHANGE / SMĚNÁRNA Štefánikova” because I trusted that you recommended them, they gave me 21 czk for 1 USD and I changed a 100 Dollars there, when I left I said just out of curiosity let’s Google it, it is 22.89 😅

    Apparently you will need to update your list 🙄

  14. this is fantastic. my wife and I will be visiting the Czech Republic coming in from Krakow to Brno first. Does Brno have a similar problem? Might be able to get most our pocket money there.

  15. Amazing stuff. Came across a video of yours; now I’m hooked on Prague. Thanks for the insights—and especially for the warnings. Am heading there in September. Maybe I’ll see you there!

  16. Hello
    I think that you should update the map , some of the places are not giving a good rate anymore 😓
    Anyone tried the Alpha exchange ? In Palladium mall , near Namesti republiky ! It’s just behind my hotel i don’t know if i go there or to city center ! Help

  17. I’m staying in Prague currently and these honest places are not that good compared to some other countries, they still take about 3-5 percent of the money. So using card to withdraw money is better. However even then there is a catch. some banks started following Thailand practices and charge you 125-195 czk for transaction (you are given consent so not scam here, just decline). So that is also not good. However there are still banks left which doesn’t do this. I used Reiffeisen and KB, they don’t charge anything. Somebody wrote more complete list in the comments above. So be aware.

  18. I just exchanged money at City Exchange at Na Prikope 988/31, Praha 1 and they only charged me 0.45% (less than ½ cent per euro)! So I exchanged 100€ for 2650 Koruna – according to today’s exchange rate of 1€=2662 CZH, it only cost me 12 CZH (0,45€) for the transaction. And they buy back with a very small spread, too. Their number is +420 734 670 849 and website is http://www.cityexchange.cz. Obviously I was quite impressed compared to the other 5 places I tried out today!!

  19. The scammers can also be found in Prague Central Train Station not only on Old Town. He was standing right next to the public transportation ticket machines in sub ground -1 floor beside the tourist information center beside. I think there is a police station also near it as i saw Policie sign at that level. The guy introduced himself as an employee and will help to exchange your money to crown. Wearing underneath his jacket is a neon yellow and orange vest and the rate he’s giving is same as market price. He’ll give you expired belarus rubles. Once he got the money he will walk towards the information center office and make a beeline into the subway entrance behind it to escape. Very convincing with his clothes and location.

    1. Too bad i haven’t watched your blog about the Belarus ruble scam. I have only watch the money changer stores. Just saw one of your blog wondering and im if the money i got leads to the same guy.

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