Best winter experience there is while visiting Prague, Czech Republic? Head out to Ještěd for some great skiing!

enjoy the slopes like we do!

If you’re in Prague, find the yellow metro line (B line). There are buses running to Liberec every hour either from Florenc or Černý most (it’s 3.5 EUR). Hop on and in 60 minutes you will arrive at Liberec bus station. Take a tram number 3 to the station Horní Hanychov (you can pay for your ticket in the tram with your card). It’s only 150 metres to the slopes from the tram stop. How cool is that? Super cool!

what was the last time… no, impossible, I won’t even ask

You can rent snowboard or ski right there. The whole set is 390 CZK (15 EUR). There’s also a ski school if you don’t know how to ski (or want to get rid of your kids, you know). Buy a ski pass and hit the slopes! Full day ticket is 590 CZK (23 EUR).

looking good, Janek!

The resort is quite big, There is more than 10 different slopes and in total it’s more than 9 KM. We recommend you to go on a weekday as there will be less people and you can enjoy the place almost by yourselves.

epic slopes waiting for you

There are many choices where to eat from little stands to a restaurant on the slope but we actually suggest you to try a restaurant at the very top of Ještěd. You can hike there or (it’s much easier) take a cable car up to the top. Return ticket is 149 CZK (5.8 EUR).

okay, this photo is actually from summer, but the building is epic!

It’s actually a TV tower, restaurant and hotel. You can get some Czech food there or if you decide to stay overnight, you can do that in one of the rooms that look like a spaceship🚀. Either way, the building is just amazing.

After that you can take a bus back home to Prague or if you decide to stay overnight (we strongly suggest that option), you can explore the amazing city of Liberec (no tourists, only locals, you’ll have a blast). This is what their main square looks like: ⬇

the square actually stars in the new Spider-Man movie!

Check out our video we made about the whole trip so you won’t get lost!


  1. Dobrý den, thank u for every detail, as an exchange student and an illiteracy here, I can enjoy Prague a lot without worry, like your blog very much! Děkuji 🙂

    After I read this page two days ago, I had my first snowboarding and see snow today, everything is perfect, except for the price of rent, a set for snowboard is not only 390 CZK… I don’t know why but since this post is on 1.21 this year, I have no idea why the price with helmet is 440+80 CZK, they change price after the post? or the price for weekend? maybe it’s a mistake? I don’t know…

    Just a small report for this post haha! I will still go next time for practice!!!

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